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Must Know Home-Owning Information

Must Know Home-Owning Information

My Disposer Smells Really Bad

Like many of us today, we do not think about the function of our appliances, or electronics, unless they stop working, or they are not working correctly. The same goes for a garbage disposal. If the garbage disposal begins to smell really bad, that's when we wonder about what the problem could be. A garbage disposal takes in our food that we do not want to throw in the trash, and it grinds it up very small, and flushes it down the pipe. When the disposer is working properly, then there is no problem, but if it stops working, or the food gets stuck inside, it can begin to smell after a while.

There is a splash guard that keeps the food, and water from getting onto us while we run the disposer, and food particles may be stuck on the underside of it. If this is cleaned on a regular basis, then the smell is less likely to happen. Food that has not been completely shredded, and stays in the disposer, will begin to go bad, and release an awful scent into the kitchen. When this happens, you may need to take apart the entire disposer, in order to clean it, and make it smell better.

What Can A Plumber Do To Get Rid Of It?

PlumberIf you're not proficient in cleaning a disposer, and throwing bleach, or other cleansers in the disposer doesn't take away the smell, you'll need to take it apart. A plumber can do this much easier, and more efficiently than you would be able to. Because it's a dirty job, you may want to leave it to the plumber, instead of digging into the disposer yourself. If the smell is bad enough, you'll want to call a plumber right away to get rid of the problem. The plumber can take it apart, clean it, and make sure that it's running correctly, while getting rid of the smell.

What Shouldn't I Put Into My Disposer?

In the future, you will want to make sure not to put large items into the disposer. Anything that is too big cannot be shredded properly, and will not pass through the disposer. If it doesn't pass through the disposer, it may simply sit inside of the disposer, and go bad, until it begins to smell up the kitchen.

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