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Do you see your seer rating?

Do you see your seer rating?

All makes and models of new air conditioning units are tested for their cooling power versus the amount of energy it takes to operate the system. Consumers are urged to consider this before making a purchase.

The more highly rated the system, the less energy it will cost to operate the air conditioner in a manner that will efficiently cool down and maintain the desired indoor temperature. Our company offers HVAC systems with the highest energy efficiency ratings in the industry.

The actual costs will of course depend on how often the unit is operated, the climate where the unit is installed, and the desired indoor temperature. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating given to any make and model of air conditioning system will help consumers determine the probable long-term costs of operating their HVAC unit.

The SEER rating system is applied to all new models of HVAC units. Models are tested to see how much energy is used to produce a designated amount of cooling effect. The higher the number rating, the more efficient the unit.

British Thermal Units (BTUs) are used in the calculations. An efficient air conditioning system will produce about 10 BTUs/Watt Hour of operation. If the unit produces this amount, its SEER rating is 10. Watt hours can mean two different things. It can mean the measurement of electrical energy that is produced, such as at a power station, or it can mean the amount of energy consumed, such as the energy consumed by a light bulb. The SEER rating shows the BTUs of cooling power per watt hour of energy consumption. All models sold or installed by our company have specific SEER rating values that can be viewed by the customer.

The actual cost of operating an air conditioning system depends on the price of electrical energy where the unit is installed. Consumers should have a fairly good idea of their per-watt cost by looking at their utility bill. It therefore becomes easy to estimate the energy consumption of any air conditioning unit by checking the SEER rating and doing some simple math.

This rating is important because it gives consumers a fairly accurate number from which to estimate total energy use prior to choosing a particular model. The overall costs are influenced by the volume of air inside the home, how many ducts are installed and their locations, and the average temperature over a daily, weekly, and seasonal span.
Our company offers advice on which model of HVAC unit is best for each home. The SEER rating should always be considered as the most important starting point for figuring total energy consumption costs. Comparing the results of the scores to the price of the unit in question is equally important.

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