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Reduce allergens in your home!

Reduce allergens in your home!

In spring time everyone begins sneezing and worrying with itchy, watery eyes all because of pollen and other household allergens. Our houses and offices become dusty with a yellow substance we like to call pollen.

Cleaning our homes and managing the pollen is part of the solution to a healthier life.

HVAC has some solutions to help your family, get your home ready for spring and a healthier life. The first thing that needs to happen is to clean up the home and remove all of the allergens that are making your family sick. This will also ensure that you and your family and breathe much better.

*Maintenance of HAVC and other air systems in the home is one of the first things that can help tremendously. Simple maintenance such as changing a filter can remove a great deal of the dander, pollen, and dust that is invading the home. Choose HEPA filters that remove more of these particles from the air when the air is running.

*Regular cleaning and vacuuming of the home will help in controlling dust particles and dirt allergens that enter the home each time the door is open? Make sure to clean vacuums and wash dusting equipment after each use.Woman with allergies

Dusting the home with something that collects the dust as opposed to spreading the dust is a good way to lessen the pollen in the air inside. Wear a face mask when doing this type of cleaning in the home.

*Contact an HVAC specialist to inspect and perform routine maintenance on each air system in the home or office. Any dirt or mold that accumulates will circulate throughout the home if it remains in the air system while in use. Maintaining air units by inspecting them regularly will help keep costs down and help to lessen the chances of needing replacements.

It is important to maintain equipment and keep the equipment running at top speed. Designate specific times of the year to contact the HVAC specialist for routine inspection and maintenance of your air systems. While doing yearly routine maintenance, the specialist could update or clean the system, making it run efficiently and save energy costs.

Recommendations of new filters, wires, or fluids in the air systems will usually save money and help the system run smoother and longer.

Struggling with allergens should be the least of worries when spring and summer are here. Enjoying the nice weather and being healthy starts with a healthy HVAC system.

Constantly sneezing in your Brenham home? Call Plumb Level at (979) 200-6674today, and breathe in the fresh air.


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