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Purifying Indoor Air

Purifying Indoor Air

It is very important that you are taking preventative measures to improve the quality of the indoor air inside your home. By neglecting to change filters or keep the system running efficiently, you can make it more difficult for family members with respiratory issues to breathe.

There are several unique ways to clean and sanitize your indoor air so the house is clean and your family only is not breathing in any allergens or debris.

Inside the HVAC unit and possible within the air duct system, there will be air filters that are in place to stop microscopic particles from entering your home. These filters only work for a short while before they become clogged or wet, and then debris can easily pass through.

These filters should be changed at least every three months, but during times of the year when you run the system more frequently, it is recommended you change the filters monthly. New filters will drastically improve the indoor air quality and reduce the accumulation of dust in the house.

When you run a vacuum cleaner with dirty filters or a clogged vacuum bag, the dirt, dust, and debris you vacuum is only being sent airborne and causing the indoor air quality to suffer. Now that the air is dirty, the HVAC circulates that air and your air handler filter gets clogged faster.Clean air

Replace all filters and the bag with Hepa filters. These filters were specifically designed to remove even the most microscopic contaminants from the air, up to 99.99% of allergens and bacteria. If you are vacuuming on a regular basis, be sure to check your filter frequently. The bag or filters can get clogged very easily, especially if the house is large.

The first thing to look for on exposed air ducts are cracks or openings. Seal up these areas with duct tape so that dirt, dust, and debris is not getting into the duct work and spreading inside the home.

Next you should inspect all the duct exit points and clean the grills and as much of the vent interior as possible. If moisture is present, there is a possibility mold is too. If you can not access the inside of the vents to clean, call your local HVAC repair company for a referral to a cleaning service that can make short work of this project.

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