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A Clever Way to Stay Warm

A Clever Way to Stay Warm

Radiant heating systems that use water, air or another medium to transfer heat directly to the walls or flooring of a Brenham home or commercial building are growing in popularity thanks to their many benefits. Below are a few questions and answers regarding the use of radiant heating systems.

Radiant heating systems differ greatly from traditional forced-air heating systems that simply transfer warmed air from room to room via external ductwork as well as from traditional radiators that disperse heat directly into the air inside of a room. There are two main types of radiant heating systems currently in use.

The first type consists of a series of pipes that are placed directly inside of a wall or floor at the time of construction. The piping is attached to a unit that heats water, air or another type of fluid that is then circulated through the pipes. A second type of radiant heating system doesn’t use a transfer medium at all. These systems employ electrical wiring that is heated directly. Both types of systems may be powered by electricity, natural gas, propane or even a wood-fueled boiler.

Brenham radiant heating systems provide more consistent heating throughout a room than forced-air systems. Radiant heating is also generally more efficient than heating systems that use forced air because there is less heat loss due to leaky, poorly sealed ducts.

The building materials surrounding the radiant heating system piping or wiring provide a place to store the heat, allowing it be released into the room over time. Radiant systems may even require less maintenance because the components are protected inside the walls and flooring instead of being exposed to the elements.

Radiant heating systems must be installed and maintained by a licensed plumber. These systems are generally put into place during construction or during a major home remodeling project. The boiler unit and controls should be inspected on a regular basis to detect any problems before they have a chance to spread and cause damage to the building’s walls and flooring.

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