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Heat Things Up a Bit!

Heat Things Up a Bit!

Heater services are a big deal, especially in the winter when the weather starts to turn cold. If you wait until your heater breaks down to try and get it fixed you could be in big trouble. This especially applies to older people as there have been incidents in which their heater has broken down and led to their death by freezing.

If your heater is having issues the best advice is to hire a professional to come look at it and make sure everything is working properly and fix it if there is a problem.

As previously mentioned there have been fatalities in relation to heater failure in the winter. While you may think that it is no big deal if your heater is running a little slower, louder, or sporadic than usual, it could lead to a more serious dilemma. If your heater has been malfunctioning and finally gives up the ghost during a blizzard or ice storm you're in for a bad time, especially if you don't have a backup plan.

It isn't always obvious that your heater may need maintenance but there are some signs. The first sign that you may notice is that the air isn't blowing out as swiftly as it used to. This can indicate a problem with the fan or airway. Alternately you may notice that the heater isn't blowing air that is as hot as it should be. Don't try and compensate by turning up the temperature, this is a serious problem. Another sign is that the heater won't turn on or off when you use the thermostat. This can indicate an electrical problem with your heater.

Many people underestimate the importance of their heater and take it for granted. If the temperature outside during your winters is cold enough that you Thermostatcouldn't survive for 24 hours without heat in your home, make sure you call the professionals as soon as your heater shows signs of problems.

Also remember that having your heater regularly maintained, especially in the lead up to the winter, is always the safe bet and will help ensure that it doesn't break down unexpectedly when you need it most for you home.

If the heater in your Brenham area home is not working so hot, it's high time you call Plumb Level at (979) 200-6674. We've got you covered from installation to repairs and everything in between!


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