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Read This Before Your Next Furnace Purchase

Read This Before Your Next Furnace Purchase

Having a properly sized furnace system for your home is one of the most important decisions you can make as a homeowner. In general there are several serious life threating and non-life threatening issues that can occur for having the wrong size furnace system. These include overuse/overheating, mold, big expenses for repairs. The following paragraphs will help educate you on furnace maintenance and the importance of why not to put off simple monthly tasks.


Overheating can occur in two different ways, one if you purchase a system that is too small to heat your whole house, the furnace will constantly be running to try and keep up with the size of the house. In turn this could cause the system to overheat and even cause a small fire. Second is if you do not regularly change your air filter in the furnace. The filter will get clogged up over time and if the furnace is being starved air, it could over work and eventually overheat costing you more in the long run.

Toxic Mold

It is very important to check and change your filter once a month. If you notice that your filter is damp or wet, you need to change immediately and look into getting your furnace checked out. A damp filter will turn into mold quickly and instead of filtering your air, the furnace will be spreading toxic mold fumes around your entire house. If left unattended your house will be contaminated with mold spores and may be deemed unlivable.

Even though it may seem like a hassle to check and change your HVAC filter every month, it is a lot cheaper than putting it off until your furnace no longer works and it will cost you hundreds of dollars to have a technician come in a fix it. Compare this to what you would pay by buying 12 filters in bulk from a hardware store one time.
You should always check and change your HVAC filter at least once or twice a month and also schedule regular maintenance checkup for your furnace once a year. The last thing you want is for it to be ten below zero outside and your furnace will not produce heat because it is broken due to poor maintenance.

Instead of considering a furnace replacement on your own, leave this type of work to Plumb Level. Hiring a professional can help you to preserve your property and your money, call us today at (979) 200-6674 for quality services in Bernham.


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