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What's in your duct?

What's in your duct?

Air ducts are a component of your home that do not get much attention or thought. However, there are several signs that may indicate that you need to have your air ducts cleaned by a professional.

Multiple times per day, a home’s HVAC system will circulate the air in a home; with that all of the dust, pet dander, and any outside pollutants carried in are distributed as well. Furnace filters catch a majority of the contaminants and debris, but those sensitive to dust, those with allergies, or those concerned about the operating efficiency of their air systems should consider professional air duct cleaning.

The easiest spot test that may indicate your air ducts needs cleaning: check your cold-air return. If the cold-air return has dust, pet hair or other debris covering it, this is a sign that the ducts need additional examination.

Recent renovations or any home remodeling work often causes a larger amount of dust, debris, and construction pollutants in the air ducts and filters. The more extensive the work, the more likely the air ducts should be checked.

When your air system kicks on, if you notice dust, cobwebs, pet hair or any other debris blowing out of the vents, the air ducts need attention.

Mold can cause serious health issues. If any mold is visible on registers, vents, or on the visible portion of the inside of air ducts, a professional needs to be consulted as soon as possible.

Check inside the vents into the air ducts; if dead insects or rodent droppings are visible, a thorough cleaning of the air ducts may need to be in your immediate future.

Having air ducts examined and cleaned by a professional service can remove the dust and pollutants, lessening the amount circulated back into the home. Additionally, debris removal from ducts can increase the efficiency of the home’s HVAC system, which could lead to cost savings in heating and cooling.

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