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When was your last tune-up?

When was your last tune-up?

Homeowners have a variety of responsibilities beyond a mortgage payment. Maintaining vital systems in the property is one of those which require due diligence. The heating system of your home may only be used at specific times of the year, but it one that serves a crucial function.

To be prepared for the winter season can be easier than you think using a checklist for signs of trouble. Let us take a look at those items listed, as a review of when things are not working properly on your heating system.

Signs You Need an HVAC Tune-Up

The first and most obvious sign that your heating system needs a tune up, is when you turn it on and there is either no heat or it is not as hot as it should be. This could mean some of the components are not functioning properly. It could be the thermostat, ignition switch and burners to name a few need adjusting or replacement.

Heating systems are run by an engine inside the furnace. Just like cars, when there is noise that is usually a sign of a problem. If sounds such as banging or loud clicking are heard when the blower comes on and off, this usually means an issue is brewing. Or the blower is rumbling but there is little to no heat coming out, this is a sure sign that a tune up is in order.

Homeowners know what a regular usage heating bill looks like for their consumption. Anytime this increases and in an exponential way, it is a positive sign there is a problem. Take a look at the thermostat to ensure the setting is at its usual number. Once you confirm it is and the filters have all been changed then you know it is time to make a call for a tune up.

Taking proactive measures in the maintenance of a heating unit can make a huge difference in your pocketbook. A simple tune up is more cost effective than waiting for major issues to occur such as needing a new unit or an expensive component such as a blower.

Consideration should be given to have an annual inspection in place to head off any of the issues we just discussed. It is recommended that you have a professional and expert HVAC company partner on your contact list.

Is the heater in your Brenham area home not working quite like it used to? Call Plumb Level at (979) 200-6674for a professional tuneup!


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