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Fall Home Ventilation Tips

Fall Home Ventilation Tips

Fall is the perfect time of year to start the preparation of one's "to do list" for a review of elements in their home which will make the home's energy use more efficient. Ventilation is normally at the top of the list, but many home owners do not take the time to properly check all the elements of their home to increase the efficiency of the energy usage and possibly lowering their energy bills.

The reason fall is the perfect time to do this check is fall is the buffer season from the warmer summer months to the unpredictable harsher winter months. One does not want to realize that they have bad ventilation or other energy seepage issues in their home during a serious winter event. Even in more mild areas such as the southern United States, an unexpected harsher winter can spell havoc on a home owner who has not taken the proper precautions.

There are three things that any homeowner can check to ensure that their ventilation mechanics are working in proper order. These items are listed as follows.

1. Air Filters: In many homes, air filters to the heating and air conditioning unit need to be changed at least every two months and no longer than every three months. During the walk through of new homes, the builder will point out the vents in the house as well as in the actual heating and air conditioning unit where the air filters need to be changed. Many homes have been known to go years without changing the air filters. This increases the chance for more pollutants to enter the home and ailments such as allergies can be made worse simply because the air filters were not change.

2. Doors and Window Seals: During the summer it is harder to detect a bad seal in a window or a door because the home owner is trying to keep the interior of the house cooler than the warmth from the outside. However, during the winter months warmth escaping from the inside or cold air blowing in from the outside can be more readily identified.

This could mean hundreds of dollars for one's utility bill over the course of the year. Proper door and window seals can increase air flow and air circulation for many homes.

3. Stove and Oven Vents: Another area that is overlooked are the vents over stoves and ovens. These vents can collect with grease and should be cleaned regularly.

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