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A List of Eco-Efficient Alternatives to Cooling my Home

A List of Eco-Efficient Alternatives to Cooling my Home

If you live without an AC unit, or you simply wish to reduce cooling costs and boost the effectiveness of you AC, there are several things you can do. These eco-friendly options are not only efficient if you do not have an AC, but they can help lower energy costs if you do operate an air conditioning unit. Try them today and notice a significant difference in your home temperature!

Opening and closing the doors to your home lets out a lot of cooler air and invites heat back into your home. Without an AC unit, it’s very hard to remove this excess heat throughout the day. The best way to keep the cool air inside is by being strategic about opening and closing the door.

For example, if you are bringing in groceries, bring all the bags to the door and then bring them all inside in one trip rather than going in and out. Additionally, if you have kids, explain how important it is to keep the doors closed and instruct them only to open and close it when they really need to.

The Department of Energy reports that keeping blinds closed in the summer reduce heat gain by about 45 percent. By closing your blinds, you will significantly reduce the heat in your home. The only reason that blinds do not reduce heat gain more is the horizontal slats that will still let in a little light.

To remedy this, try using blinds and curtains together. Keeping curtains drawn reduces heat gain by 65 percent. When choosing blinds or curtains to install in your home, it’s recommended to use light colored materials that will reflect light and keep your home even cooler.

At night, the air is cooler, and there is usually a bit more of a breeze that will help to cool your home after a scorching day in the sun. When night falls, open your windows and let a cross breeze in to quickly remove humidity in your air and cool down the home for the day ahead.

Whether you’re trying to get by without an AC or you are looking for ways to reduce costs and reduce the pressure on your AC system, these tips and tricks will help you in the long run and keep you cool over the hot summer.

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