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An A/C History Lesson

An A/C History Lesson

Who Invented Air Conditioning?

Willis Carrier originally invented the air conditioning system that you use today in 1902. The Carrier Corporation began in 1915 as a private company with six engineers including Willis Carrier. The company started manufacturing and distributing HVAC systems throughout the country. This successful company is still in business today with its main office in Farmington, Connecticut.

The HVAC system in your Brenham home is the most complicated system that requires maintenance. The entire system includes air return, exhaust outlets, ducts, filter and an outdoor unit. The compressor is located in the outdoor unit and converts gas to liquid to cool your home. It has many moving parts that may fail during the lifetime of your system. There are also electrical elements such as the thermostat that is an important factor in keeping your home comfortable. Simple repairs may only require replacing a thermostat with one that is more energy-efficient such as a programmable thermostat.

It is time to replace your HVAC system when your system needs major work such as older systems where the refrigerant is outdated and expensive. Other expensive repairs include replacing condenser coils, compressor or blower motor. Minor repairs include clogged drain lines, electrical issues or broken ductwork. New HVAC systems reduce monthly energy costs and are more energy-efficient than older systems. A properly sized HVAC system will last longer with more energy savings than one that is under or oversized. A unit that is oversized results in poor humidity control and frequent repairs.

Regular maintenance of your HVAC system can increase the longevity from seven to 14 years. There are four major reasons for the breakdown of a HVAC system. These include lack of regular maintenance, improper sizing, debris around outdoor unit and improper installation. It is important that a qualified HVAC technician inspects your system to check for coolant leaks and worn out parts that can cost you money in energy efficiency. Hire a Brenham technician twice a year for the best results.

There are maintenance tasks that you can do on your own such as frequently changing air filters. A clogged filter interferes with your HVAC system’s airflow. Develop a seasonal maintenance schedule that includes cleaning dirt and debris from your outdoor unit using a garden hose. Keep plants and other landscape materials away from the unit since it can block airflow.

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