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A Remodeled Bathroom is a safe bathroom

A Remodeled Bathroom is a safe bathroom

Are you tired of looking at your bathroom and thinking it's time for an overhaul? Do you see the colors from another decade staring at you every time you enter your powder room? If you are on the fence about whether or not it's time to remodel your bathroom, here are 10 reasons why a bathroom remodel is in the cards for you.

Space is one of the most valid reasons to remodel this room. If you find that you have a growing family and not enough room to accommodate them, then perhaps it's time to redo that bathroom. If you're not using your tub, you can increase your space by adding a stand-up shower instead of the tub combo. Also, doing a brief reconfiguration can allow you some more room. Closets are another reasons why updating is necessary. If you need more storage space, add one in the plans.

Sure the brilliance of the harvest gold colors from the 1970's was great back then, but if your bathroom has any element of being outdated, you need a change. Even if you had your bathroom remodeled 10 years ago, it's out of date now. Bring things into the current decade by getting rid of tacky gold decorations and updating them with stylish nickel or black fixtures.

Does your bathroom still have the old fashioned two prong outlets? Your bathroom needs to be updated with GFI receptacles. These ground fault interrupter outlets will ensure that if something comes near water, it will turn off before causing a catastrophe. If you need to revamp your style because it is out of date that is one thing, but safety trumps any decor issues by a mile. The bathroom should have up-to-date wiring and none of those knob and tube styles either.

If you have lived in your Brenham home for any length of time, bathroom remodeling seems to be a reasonable request. Rather than living with that outdated space, making it nice will make it more enjoyable. If you are tired of staring at the same blue walls, then a renovation update is in order.

Ventilation in a bathroom is of the utmost importance. If there is mold on the ceilings and you are constantly having a problem with moisture, a remodel may be a good thing. If there are no windows, put one in. If you don't have a ventilation fan in the ceiling, add that to the remodel. Remodeling to get more airflow is a great reason.

If you are starting to see mold creeping up your walls and ceiling, it means you have a problem going on somewhere in that bathroom. If there is more than a small percentage of mold, you will have to rip out the old sheeting and replace it.

If mold is an issue, why not just redo the whole bathroom? If the mold is too bad, you may need remediation specialists to help out.

Mold is not an issue to take lightly.

Is your tub outdated? The tub, toilet, and sink are the vital elements in the bathroom. While they appear to be indestructible, at some point and time they are going to need to be replaced. If they need to be replaced, it's a great time to redo the whole space.

If you are thinking of putting your house on the market, you may want to consider redoing the bathroom. The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house. Potential buyers will walk in and be instantly turned off if they see that your bathroom is less than desirable. A realtor always says to put your money in the kitchen and the bathroom for the ultimate return on investment.

Bathroom and kitchens are the vital spaces within the home that always have a 100 percent return. Some investments, like a master bedroom, may not bring back as much as you put into it. However, that is not the case with your bathroom. The bathroom that is updated will up the value of your Brenham home.

Bathroom remodeling may seem like a big hassle. However, if you watch any of those design shows on television, you will know that it is all the rage to make your bathroom an oasis. Get a whirlpool jet to relax those tired muscles, or simply get a heated towel rack for the spa feel. Whatever you to do make this space more tranquil will only help you. This space is used most in the mornings and can set the tone for your whole day.

If you have money put away for a rainy day, perhaps a bathroom remodel is in order. Call Plumb Level today at (979) 200-6674 to see how you can get your Brenham, TX home remodeled without hesitation. Once you see your new space, you will be glad you made the call.


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