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6 Surprising Boiler Facts That May Inspire You to Get One

6 Surprising Boiler Facts That May Inspire You to Get One

Most people in Brenham, TX are familiar with the new condenser boilers and radiant heating systems that are being installed in newly built homes, but not many have checked out the possibility of getting a new condenser boiler of their own.

This is partly because they do not understand the amazing savings that these new radiant heating systems have to offer anyone. If you own older boilers or oil furnace, then it is a good idea to look into all of the benefits that these new heating systems have to offer. Here are 6 surprising boiler facts that may inspire you to get a new boiler of your own.

1 - Boilers Don’t Boil Water At AllQuestion mark

Boilers should have been called warmers because they really only raise the temperature of the water in the radiant heat system to about 60 degrees.

It is not practical to raise it any higher because your home would become intolerably hot. People have this impression from touching old radiators that were heated by oil-fueled boilers.

These radiators were so hot that people often burned their hands just by coming in contact with them. Today’s exposed radiant heater pipes don’t carry that same type of risk because the water warms the entire house using a lower water temperature.

Water pressure gauge2 - High Water Pressure Is Necessary For Optimum Boiler Operation

Buildings with low water pressure may not do well with a new condenser boiler as water is needed to push the heat upwards to higher floors and the attic.

Half-full water pipes cannot retain heat, and the result is uneven heating of your premises or no heat at all.

Make sure to have your water pressure evaluated and upgraded before you have a new condenser boiler installed

3 - Boilers Do Not Saturate the Air with MoistureIndoor humidity

Boilers use water to function, but the entire radiant heating system is enclosed, so there is no chance of any water vapor leaking into your environment.

Radiant heat is dry, but if you wish to add moisture to the air, you can consider having a thermostat system that helps you automatically control the humidity installed as well.

Adding more plants to the room or plugging in a humidifier can also help moisturize the air in a room with dry heat.

4 - Condenser Boilers Are an Energy Efficient Appliance

Modern condenser boilers are energy efficient because they are fuelled by natural gas. They need very little fuel to be completely operative, and there is no chance of a gas leak.

The water that runs through your pipes is recycled again and again, and a good plumber can even hook up your pipes so that grey water (wastewater) is used to heat your home.

Energy Efficiency5 – Boilers Dramatically Reduce Your Fuel Costs

As both water and heat are recycled when you use a boiler, you will find that you are paying up to a third less for water and power.

As a general rule, every time you turn down your thermostat one degree, you will find yourself saving 10% in energy.

Radiant heating also hoards the heat that has built behind walls and floors, keeping your home nice and toasty for much less money.

6 – A Plumber Can Teach You All About Your BoilerMan holding money

Boilers are simple machines operated by an on and off switch, but your plumber can help you identify all of its parts and advise you as to what to do if the unit malfunctions.

There is not a lot that can go wrong with a new condenser boiler, but I you see the blue natural gas flame burning yellow, then that might be a sign that the unit is somehow leaking.

Another sign that the boiler is malfunctioning is the presence of a sulfur smell as this can mean that your natural gas pipe is leaking. This is an emergency, and if you smell this odor, you need to call 911 immediately and leave the home.

Man adjusting thermostatFinally, it is always a good idea to get a quote from a plumbing professional to see how ideal it is for you to acquire a new boiler at this time. He or she may recommend a new unit or trying to retrofit your old oil-burning furnace. However, in homes that have boilers that are older than 15 years, it is a given that you should have it replaced as soon as possible.


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