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Why Do I Need AC Maintenance?

Why Do I Need AC Maintenance?

Let’s put it bluntly: Your central air system is expensive. Not only that, but it also works hard to maintain your desired comfort level.

Your HVAC system has more moving parts than any other appliance in your home. In order to keep them in good working order, your cooling system needs the care and attention of an experienced HVAC professional.

It’s called routine maintenance and it’s the key to ensuring that your home comfort system is reliable.

Why Your AC Needs Maintenance

You don’t need us to tell you this, but it gets hot in Brenham, Texas -- really hot! The hotter it is, the harder your air conditioning system has to work to keep your home comfy.

If the temperatures are high every day, your cooling system may need to be running almost constantly, which means that the components inside of the system will be under constant stress. That’s why it’s no coincidence that your HVAC is most likely to break down on the days you need it most.

Even if your cooling system manages to persevere during periods of extreme heat, without maintenance, it’s performance will suffer. You may start to notice that it takes longer for your home to cool down or that it never quite reaches the temperature you would like. If you don't maintain your cooling system, it's possible for the components inside to malfunction, which would require costly repair services to fix.

A cooling system that isn't functioning correctly will also have difficulties circulating air properly, which could lead to the air quality in your home worsening. If the air doesn't circulate properly, indoor allergens will continue to increase, as will the humidity in your home. In order to make sure that the air conditioner remains in prime condition, it's essential that you obtain regular maintenance for your AC system, which is available here at Plumb Level.

What Services Are Included in Routine Maintenance?

When you hire a professional technician such as ours to provide you with routine maintenance, there are many services that you should expect to be provided with, which include:

  • Determine if the right amount of refrigerant is situated in the system

  • Seal any duct leakage

  • Test for leaks of refrigerant

  • Measure the system airflow via the evaporator coil

  • Apply oil to the motors

  • Ensure the thermostat is working properly

  • Check the quality of system components

If any serious problems are identified during the maintenance, we can provide you with an estimate on what it will cost to repair the system. If a component has been damaged, it's possible that the component can be easily replaced. We will only include repair services that are absolutely essential in the estimate that we give you.

By maintaining your AC system every six months or so, you should be able to keep your energy bills low while also making sure that the system lasts for as long as possible.

In the event that any significant issues are identified, we'll provide you with a free quote before completing any additional work. Contact us at (979) 200-6674 to learn more about the maintenance and repair services that are available at Plumb Level.


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