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Bathroom Remodeling in Brenham, TX

Let Us Help You Achieve the Ideal Bathroom

Whether you are looking to replace your fixtures or reroute any plumbing lines, we can help. Our experienced technicians will evaluate your existing system and create the most effective remodeling plan to fit your needs and budget.

Quality Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures and Installations

One viable alternative to purchasing a home is to renovate or remodel your existing one. Not only does it allow you to adapt your home to the way your family has grown, but it also allows you to enhance the value of your property. A common upgrade performed is bathroom remodeling.

One of the major concerns with this service is how it will impact the plumbing. At Plumb Level, we will advise you on what to consider when updating your bathroom.

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What Plumbing Issues Need to be Considered?

We will help you design new plumbing lines before starting any work. One of the most common pitfalls experienced in bathroom remodeling is the failure to consider the plumbing when drawing up the plans.

Potential problems you might face include:

  • Going over the budget
  • Delays in the timeline
  • Ending up with unsuitable fixtures and other hardware
  • Improper installations

The first thing we will look at is the age of your existing plumbing. There is a good chance the plumbing will have aged quite a bit. Most cast-iron drain systems will be standing on their last leg. It may be difficult to determine the condition and level of deterioration because cast-iron comes in different grades. Another challenge with cast-iron is the fact that it rots from the inside out, making it difficult to evaluate the damage and condition of the drain. The best move would be to replace the drain system.

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