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Keep your property comfortable, safe, and reliable with the help of Plumb Level. We're your trusted plumbing team since 1997. Our locally owned and operated company has helped thousands of residential and commercial customers in Brenham and the surrounding areas. From routine plumbing maintenance to big projects like a complete bathroom remodeling, our plumbers in Brenham always accomplish the job in a timely and correct fashion. Our expert plumbers respond fast, arrive on time, and leave no mess behind after every service.

Plumb Level wastes no time when your comfort and safety are on the line. Give our plumbers in Brenham a call today and get started with a free home inspection and estimate of the service you need.

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At Plumb Level, we're not just your local plumbing experts; we're a part of the community we proudly serve. Rooted in faith and committed to uplifting those around us, our work extends beyond fixing pipes and drains. It's about building a stronger, more resilient community for everyone. We are honored to be longtime supporters of several local organizations that hold a special place in our hearts.

Our faith drives us to be more than just a plumbing company. It compels us to serve, love, and improve the community that we call home. We invite you to learn more about the work we do in Bellville, Brenham, Round Top and the surrounding areas.


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There are a number of simple ways to downsize your water bill. These include:
Taking shorter showers
Turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth
Only running the washing machine or dryer when you have a full load
Installing low-flow showerheads and toilets
Adding a brick to your toilet tank to reduce the amount of water used per flush
If you try all these things and your water bill keeps climbing, you may have a leak in your home. Call (979) 277-9993, so one of our plumbers can investigate.

Rest assured, there’s likely nothing wrong with your dishwasher! Most of them are designed to leave water inside to protect the inside heating elements from drying out. If the amount of water seems excessive, however, there may be a clog or drain issue. To make sure that’s not the case, call one of Plumb Level’s plumbers to schedule a dishwasher repair.

Being picky about your plumber can save a lot of time and headache. Before hiring a company, make sure to check:
Their Reputation: Do they have good reviews on Google and Facebook? What do their former customers say about them? If you bring them up to your neighbors, what’s their impression?
Licensing and Insurance: Make sure the plumbing company you hire is allowed to perform the work needed. Also ask if they’re covered in case of any damage.
Equipment: Go for a company that maintains its trucks and has a full suite of modern tools. This is a sign that they’re willing to invest in their business.
Availability: When’s the earliest they can get to you? For small issues, two weeks might be fine, but that’s not the case when your toilet overflows at 3am. Make sure the company you use is able to handle the job without making you feel forgotten.

  • For Sewer replacement in Round Top  TX, opt for an PHCC member.
  • For Drain replacement in Brenham TX, opt for an QSC member.
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  • Plumb Level won The Banner-Press Readers' Choice Award for Plumbing in Round Top  TX in 2013.
  • Plumb Level won The Banner-Press Readers' Choice Award for Water Heater in Brenham TX in 2014.
  • Plumb Level won The Banner-Press Readers' Choice Award for Sewer in Bellville TX in 2015.
  • Plumb Level won The Banner-Press Readers' Choice Award for Drain in Round Top  TX in 2016.