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Brenham Sewer Line Repair Services

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Sewer lines are imperative keys to any home's survival. If a sewage backup occurs and waste is flushed into the yard, thousands of dollars of damage can be done to the lawn and the base of the house. Many of our clients have questions about sewer lines and are surprised to find out that most people experience different versions of the same problems.

Our plumbing team at Plumb Level is highly trained to solve any sewer line issues you encounter. We ensure a job done right the first time and guarantee your 100% satisfaction. See what your neighbors have to say about our plumbers and services here.

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Causes of Sewer Line Problems

Sewer line breaks and clogs can come from several sources, but there are four main causes that most problems can be attributed to.

These four causes are:

  • Moisture-seeking tree roots become attracted to the condensation of the sewer lines and break into the pipes.
  • Extreme temperature changes can cause sewer lines to buckle or break as pipes expand and contract.
  • Ground shifting can lead sewer lines to become misaligned and back up.
  • Deterioration from general wear and tear can create problems like line breakage or buckling.

Signs That It’s Time for Professional Repair

Sewer lines are usually out of sight and out of mind. However, it is important that you do not let a sewer line problem to worsen or you might end up having to spend more on replacements.

There are a few warning signs that indicate that a sewer line repair is imminent such as:

  • Water backs up out of a drain or toilet: A backup in the sewer line can cause these pipes to run backward and push water out rather than in. You may also notice puddles forming around where the city pipe meets your sewer pipe.
  • Gurgling sounds can be heard coming from the drains: If there are tree roots or other debris causing a clog, water will still flow through but will need to pass through the various blockages. This creates a telltale gurgling sound.
  • A foul smell indicates a backup of waste in the sewer line: If the pipe has burst, waste will flow into your yard where the smell will be inescapable.

How Can You Prevent Future Problems?

Since the main causes of sewer line complications are so common, professionals have come up with a few ways to prevent them from occurring.

Some of these preventative services we provide may include:

  • Restricting tree roots from growing and expanding by using chemical root treatment.
  • Performing jet or vacuum cleaning. This uses high-volume and high-pressure water to completely flush out drains.
  • Smoke testing to root out any problem areas. If smoke rises from one spot, a problem is indicated in the sewer line.

Finding potential trouble early in your sewer line can avert big problems from happening later.

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