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Must Know Home Owning Tip!

Must Know Home Owning Tip!

Many people ignore their plumbing until there is a major problem. But that can be an expensive mistake. Emergency plumbing service can cost an arm and a leg. The smart thing to do is to invest in preventative plumbing maintenance. For a small fee once or twice a year you can have a licensed, experienced plumber come into your home, inspect your plumbing and make minor repairs. This can prevent major plumbing problems from developing and save you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in the long run.

Prevent Rather Than Clear Clogs

Clogs are caused by a build up of oil, grease, and debris in drain pipes. This can happen over the course of a few months. The end result is home owners are forced to pay a plumber exorbitant sums to clear the clog and get the sewers draining again. But if you opt for preventative maintenance you can save money and prevent many clogs from ever forming. As part of a preventative plumbing maintenance a licensed plumber will come to your home a couple times a year and inspect and clean your drain pipes. This eliminates the buildup in your drain that can cause clogs.

Protect Your Water Heater

Leaky water heaters are a common problem and can do serious damage to your home. Those leaks often go unnoticed by homeowners until they begin to ruin the floor, weaken the foundation, and drive up water and energy bills. Fixing these problems can be expensive. The best way to make sure your water heater is in good working order is to have a plumber inspect and service the heater once or twice each year. They can see rust, leaks and other problems developing, quickly address them, prolong the life of your water heater, and save you lots of money.

Preventative Maintenance Save Money And Prevent Problems

There are many other instances in which preventative maintenance can eliminate problems and save home owners money. Frozen pipes are a common problem in cold weather. As part of preventative maintenance plumbers can insulate you pipes and prevent them from freezing and bursting. They can also check all valves to make and review your water usage. This can save a significant amount of money. Plumbers can also save you money by checking, cleaning, and repairing the pipes in the tub, sinks, showers, toilets, sump pumps, and water heaters and preventing expensive plumbing emergencies.


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