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How to Keep Dog Hair From Going Down the Drain

How to Keep Dog Hair From Going Down the Drain

Pets such as cats and dogs are often treated like family members, and just like their human counterparts, they can contribute hair that causes clogs in drains and pipes. To prevent such clogs, you need to follow these three plumbing tips for keeping cat and dog hair out of drains and pipes in your Brenham home.

1. Don't Wash Your Pet in the Sink or Bathtub

Not everyone gives a cat a bath but most people bathe their dogs at least every couple of months. When you do, you should refrain from doing so in your sink or bathtub if possible. Cats and dogs, even short-haired ones, will shed a lot of hair during a bath. If you must bathe your dog or cat in your sink or bath, use a strainer to catch hair before it can get washed into the drain.

2. Don't Clean Pet Brushes in the Sink

Another way to ensure you don't get cat or dog hair in your drains and pipes is to make sure you don't clean off brushes or combs in the sink. Instead, clear out all the hair into your garbage can first before washing off the utensils. This will keep a tremendous amount of hair out of your drains and pipes.

3. Clean Hair Off Bedding / Pet Beds before Washing

Fido's favorite bed or Fifi's favorite blanket can pick up a lot of hair, and you may assume the best way to get rid of it is to throw those items in the washer. But doing so can clog up the pipes and drain leading to the washing machine. The hair can also get tangled up in the guts of your washer, causing it to break down. To prevent either of these things from happening, clean as much of the hair off blankets, bedding and other items before you put them in the wash. The best way to do that is to use a lint roller or some type of sticky tape such as duct tape to lift the hair away.

Following these tips will help you prevent drain clogs caused by hair from your cats and dogs, which can cause big problems and lead to a big repair bill for your Brenham home.

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