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Not Really

Not Really

Part of the responsibility of being a Brenham homeowner is learning how the different systems in your home operate. This should of course include your plumbing. Unfortunately, most people remain ignorant of how plumbing actually works. To help fix some of those misconceptions, below is a list of five common plumbing myths.

There is a bit of urban folklore out there that placing lemons into your garbage disposal and running it is a good way to clean the machinery. It is true that it will get your garbage disposal smelling like lemons.

However, doing this on regular basis can corrode some the machinery due to the lemons’ acidic content. Instead, you should use a much milder cleaning solution.

One significant sign of a plumbing problem that may require the services of a Brenham professional is low water pressure. Despite this, many people believe that low water pressure is normal. It isn’t.

They may also believe it is normal for water pressure to fluctuate from time to time. That isn’t normal either. Both of these issues could be signs of a serious problem.

Another absolutely absurd myth that some people actually believe is that human hair can actually clean a drain as opposed to cause a clog. Whether it is the drain for a bathroom sink or the drain for a shower or tub, human hair is always one of the lead causes of clogs. Many drain cleaners bought in stores aren’t even strong enough to remove hair from clogs.

Many people also have the idea that different plumbing fixtures such as a tap should be cleaned with soap. It’s a convenient solution of course, since soap is usually on hand near most sinks. However, soap designed for sanitizing hands may be too strong for many kinds of plumbing fixtures especially those made of brass

The only thing that should be sent down a toilet is human waste and toilet paper. In certain cases, you may even want to forgo two-ply toilet paper and choose one-ply. Putting anything else down a toilet, such as paper towels, cleaning wipes, food or other garbage will more than likely lead to a clog. They make trash bins for a reason.

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