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Keep Calm In A Plumbing Emergency

Keep Calm In A Plumbing Emergency

Have you ever had to take care of a plumbing emergency? If you answer "yes", and you're thinking of relighting the pilot light under the hot water heater, or tightening a valve on that relentlessly dripping sink, then no, you haven't had to handle a plumbing emergency.

And you should consider yourself fortunate. Despite all the assurances of those DIY television hosts, many plumbing issues are not easily corrected by homeowners.

In fact, thousands of dollars are spent each year in the United States correcting plumbing problems made worse by homeowners trying make repairs themselves. Even more sadly, some of that money is spent on emergency room visits to repair people who have suffered injuries to themselves trying to fix plumbing problems.

A professional plumbing company is an insured, bonded business that employs trained, certified technicians who not only have the proper equipment and continually train to improve their work techniques. They also know how to work safely around electricity, in confined spaces, and on heights, such as roofs.

A true plumbing emergency is one in which a piece of equipment is totally unusable until repairs are made, health and/or safety issues will occur if immediate professional repairs are not made, or property is in imminent danger of damage or destruction if plumbing repairs are not made. Below are some examples.

Homeowners can certainly learn to recognize and report (whistling or clanging noises, reduced or oddly colored water flow) the signs of broken piping, but because piping often involves sewage and waste water, only a certified plumbing company should make repairs to avoid health issues.

Given the lack of knowledge of most homeowners of their plumbing lines, only the most minor of clog removals should be attempted with an auger (snake) and only then, right at the source.

If the main line itself is affected, professional plumbers should be called, who can begin the repair process with a in-line camera inspection to determine if the clogs are being caused by debris, pipe damage, or tree roots.

If a homeowner has a gas operated hot water system, heater, or washer/dryer, and suddenly notices a gas odor regardless of the equipment's pilot light, soot marks around the equipment, or unusual heat emitting from the equipment, then it should be professionally inspected as soon as possible.

Systems older than ten years should be professionally removed and replaced as well, in order to make sure that they're installed properly.

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