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Cut Your Garbage Disposal Some Slack This Year

Cut Your Garbage Disposal Some Slack This Year

The Black Friday is one of the busiest days of the year for professional plumbers and cleaners. To start with, this is a time where homeowners receive more visitors into their homes compared to other times of the year.

Consequently, the probability of the sewerage systems becoming overran and clogged is very high. Preparing and disposal of foods in the holiday may cause clogging of the sewage disposal system resulting in the extra cost of hiring plumbers to unclog them. However, taking good care of yourgarbage disposals, dishwashers, sinks, and toilets should not be problematic, and a little tips here and there should save you a lot of headaches cleaning up the Thanksgiving mess.

• Avoiding pouring grease and oils down your drainage pipe and sinks. Once they cool down, oils and grease solidify and act as clogging agents.

• Always put extra oil in containers for it to solidify before disposing of them with the rest of the garbage.

• Always put small amounts of food to the garbage disposal to avoid clogging it by giving it enough time to grind the food into small manageable pieces.

• Differentiate between a trash can and a garbage disposal machine. Don't feed a garbage machine turkey bones and fibrous vegetable and expect it to remain working. It will come down crashing. To avoid such breakdown, sort your garbage out before feeding it to your garbage disposal.

• Before turning your garbage disposal unit on, ensure that water is running. Also, be sure to keep the water running a minute after the trash has been disposed of to ensure all the dirt is drained.

• All solid food leftovers should not be allowed down your drain as they can cause clogging. That is where trash cans come in. Dispose food leftovers like bones into trash cans before rinsing the utensils in the sink.

• Always ensure the dishes entering your dishwashers are scrapped clean to prevent the dishwasher from clogging. Such food material can cause poor drainage on the dishwasher.

• It's important to keep the area around your sink and garbage disposal clear of utensils to prevent them from slipping into the garbage disposal machine causing it irreparable damage.

• Avoid usage of paper towels as an alternative to toilet paper as they can clog your toilet.

However, sometimes the mistakes happen, and things get clogged. we're just a phone call away.

Don't get clogged up this Thanksgiving in your Brenham, TX home, call Plumb Level today at (979) 200-6674.


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