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How to Prevent a Pipe Burst in Winter

How to Prevent a Pipe Burst in Winter

Winter hits. The temperature drops. You decide to take the family to a tropical getaway for a week in order to escape the cold. The only problem is you forgot to turn your heat on. You come home after your wonderful vacation to a Brenham homeowner's nightmare: your pipes have burst.

This scenario strikes thousands of Americans each year, and these burst pipes can cause all sorts of financial nightmares. Luckily, there are some actions you can take to prevent this from happening to you.

Here are three proven ways to prevent a burst pipe:

  1. Schedule a pipe inspection. Plumbing is not something that is a DIY job for the average American. Set aside some money each paycheck starting in the summer, and then use this fund to have a plumbing company come in and asses the status of your pipes before the Fall turns to Winter. Burst pipes are caused by the cold groundwater of Winter, which causes pipes to contract. This contraction can cause weak points in a plumbing system to burst. A professional plumber assesses these weak points and repairs any danger areas.
  2. Seal any place in your home where cold air can leak in. This is especially important in areas like basements where pipes are most likely to be located. This is a simple project and just requires some basic supplies from a home improvement store and a free afternoon.
  3. Set your thermostat no lower than 55 degrees. Double back to the scenario in the introduction. This hypothetical family had a pipe burst in their home because of poor heat management. Making sure your heat kicks on at around 55 degrees is essentially if you're leaving your house for an extended time during the Winter. If you have a large or old house, then you may not have heating vents in areas like basements. This is why the second step of insulating such areas is so important. If pipes are located in these unheated areas, then consider investing in a space heater for the room. The cost of the heater is just a fraction of the repair and damage cost of a burst pipe.

Winter can be a costly time for a Brenham homeowner. Don't play games with your finances by employing a DIY strategy for your pipes this winter. Bring in a professional plumber and let them take care of your pipes so you don't have to.

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