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Prepare Your Brenham, TX Boiler with 3 Simple Tips

Prepare Your Brenham, TX Boiler with 3 Simple Tips

In order to guarantee a homestays warm during winter, many people have their boilers serviced during the summer. By doing so, they can ensure they will not experience their boiler breaking down.

However, despite this being the obvious choice to make, numerous people still fail to think about their boilers until it's time to use them when the temperature drops. To make sure your boiler is prepared to face yet another winter, here are several ways to get your boiler prepared for those cold days and nights.

If you want to make sure your boiler will heat your home as well as possible, bleed the radiators prior to winter. This is done by letting any air that may be trapped in them out, which ensures the maximum amount of heat will be able to move through the radiators and spread throughout the home.

To determine if the radiators need to be bled, simply check to see how they are to the touch. If they are hot on the bottom and cool or cold on top, they need to be bled.

When it's time to have the boiler serviced by an HVAC technician, make sure they also give the boiler a good cleaning in and out. Because the technician has an array of specialized tools, they can vacuum deep inside the boiler as well as around tight areas where dirt may accumulate.

While doing the cleaning, the technician can also conduct spot-checks for any debris that may be inside the boiler that could cause a possible blockage. Outlets and flues are also cleaned and checked for debris or damage, all of which could lead to major problems down the road if not corrected.

Of all the problems a boiler may have during cold weather, one of the most common and preventable ones is having the condensation pipe freeze. This pipe, which is responsible for allowing condensation to exit the boiler and go to an outside drain, is very prone to freezing.

When this happens, the boiler will not work properly and cannot be used until the problem is fixed. To make sure this won't happen, the pipe can be covered with heating tape or pipe insulation made of Styrofoam. If the boiler is located in an extremely cold spot, heating cables can be used to keep the pipe warm.

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