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All About Hard Water

All About Hard Water

What is Hard Water?

The biggest difference between hard water and soft water has to do with mineral deposits in your water. Hard water often contains a myriad of known and unknown minerals that have been gathered from the ground when it falls from the sky.

Some hard water is actually very healthy for you, for example, if you were to have mineral water from the Napa Valley mountains or California Springs.

Hard water comes from mineral deposits in our water supply. Though some of these minerals can actually be healthy, the presence of some are far from healthy in large amounts.

Substances in mineral rich ground water such as calcium and magnesium can dry out skin and hair, as well as stain clothes and fixtures. Have you ever noticed water spots on your dishes or soap scum on the side of your tub?

Have you ever noticed that if you do not moisturize your hair properly that it comes out dry and brittle? Well, a lot of that is because of hard water.

Soft water is amazing because it does not ruin the appearance of your dishes, nor does it destroy your shower heads or shower doors with a disgusting calcium deposit that is impossible to remove. How does it feel when you go to someone’s house and their shower doors look absolutely flawless and yours are filled with soap scum, even though you guys live in very similar houses on the same street?

No matter how hard you work and how much time and dedication you invest to make your house looks spotless, you appear to be an incompetent housekeeper that does not know the finer points of housekeeping.

Have you scrubbed your shower door for 20 minutes, rinsed it with warm water and noticed that the scum is still there? Very few people know that it is hard water causing this.

Have you ever bought clothes for yourself and your family, washed them in the laundry and noticed that your clothes have a dingy, worn look to them? This is because of hard water as well. You have just ruined a $500 load of clothes because you were being a “good housekeeper.”

Hard water is a silent killer of the quality of your life that is often ignored. When hard water deposits form on your pipes, it can add unnecessary pressure to your pipes, essentially acting as clogged arteries would in the human body. If you currently suffer any of these symptoms, then it is best to seek the help of a professional.

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