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Is Your Toilet Acting Up? Here Are 3 Reasons It Isn't Flushing Like It Used To

Is Your Toilet Acting Up? Here Are 3 Reasons It Isn't Flushing Like It Used To

The cause of a slow-flushing toilet can be narrowed down to one of several causes. The key is trying to eliminate the causes so that you can fix the issue accordingly.

These 3 potential causes of a slow-flushing toilet will put you in the best position to discover the cause, then you can call in the local professional plumbing companies to make the necessary repairs.

part of the plumbing system is called venting, a series of pipes where air flows up and out of the house so that the water can flow more effectively.

These pipes can become damaged from severe storms or even birds or rodents. if the pipe is clogged, it will impede the flow of water and cause the toilet water to flow much slower.

Call in a local plumbing professional if you believe that the venting is the cause of the toilet issues. You should never climb on the roof to inspect the system unless you have the appropriate safety equipment on hand.

When the toilet in the house is as old as the dwelling, the parts within could be in need of serious repair. Technology over the last decade has advanced incredibly as the focus on water conservation has taken center stage.

The new toilets remove the same amount of waster using a fraction of the water of an older toilet. Call a plumber to give you an estimate on installing a new toilet as opposed to simply making repairs on the dated one. The savings in water usage could pay for the new toilet in a short amount of time.

The big reason for a slow-flushing toilet could be that something is stuck in the pipes that is blocking the flow of water. The biggest culprit is when something that belongs in the trash can gets flushed down the toilet and becomes lodged somewhere deep down the plumbing system.

Things that should never be thrown in the toilet are baby wipes, dental floss, food, sanitary napkins, paper towels, and condom.

None of these items are biodegradable, so if they get stuck they will simply attract other debris and cause a serious blockage. Your local plumber can pressure wash the inside of the pipes to break free all those contaminants and restore the flow of water.

Your Brenham toilet issues can be a nuisance. Call Plumb Level at (979) 200-6674​ today, and get your toilet working!


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