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Adults will change some of the habits they have all the time, even if they’ve done a certain thing for many years or for most of their life. People have switched from using home phones to cell phones, people tend to eat more junk food now than ever, and many people prefer to drive as opposed to taking public transportation.

Since things progress and change all the time, it’s no wonder why people have changed from using regular toilet paper when they go to the bathroom to using wet wipes.

There is no big mystery as to why many people have made the switch because wet wipes can clean better than toilet paper.

Many feel that they save money by using wipes instead of buying lots of toilet paper, and they get clean much easier.

Since wet wipes were always used for cleaning children, it was only natural that adults would see how clean their child became after using the wipes and start using it on themselves. Even the creators of disposable wipes have started making wipes that adults can use solely for themselves, so many adults have made the transition to wet wipes as opposed to using toilet paper.

Nobody likes a clog in their sinks or toilets or any other drain in the home, so why do people flush wet wipes? The answer is, many people don’t know that wet wipes cause clogging until they have experienced a clog themselves. The clogs can be severe and very irritating and not to mention expensive. Some clogs can be very large and need a lot of work to dislodge, and it’s even worse if the clog is in the septic tank as opposed to the pipes.

Clogging can also go beyond the home and go into the sewage system, which then may cause a problem for several homes in the vicinity of the sewage system, and that’s bad for everyone. The reason why wet wipes are easy to cause clogs is because of the fact that they can expand and also because they are hard to degrade.

Biodegradable toilet paper will easily degrade in water, and you may even feel it pulling apart when you use it to clean yourself. The fact that toilet paper is so easy to degrade is why they are flushed down toilets as opposed to wipes, even if the wipes are being advertised as something that can be flushed or as biodegradable.

Those who are advertising these wipes as flushable will soon get a rude awakening from many cities that are having to clean up the mess of clogged wet wipes along with other matter that gets stuck within the sewage system, simply because they are saying the wipes are flushable, and clearly, they are not.

If there is a clog within your drains and the clog is suspected to be from wet wipes, then there are several ways to get rid of the clog, but some methods may very costly and more time-consuming than other methods.

It’s completely up to the plumber who comes out to the home to examine the clog to determine what’s the best way to get rid of the clog, so be patient, especially if they determine that you have a clog caused from flushing a lot of wet wipes.

Although the wet wipes alone will not be the entire clog, all the things that stick to the wet wipes can also help to cause a clog, and it can be even worse if the clog is very tight and doesn’t allow any type of draining from the pipes or toilet at all.

If a plumber feels the need to use a snake as well as a camera in the drain to see where the clog is, then they can determine what is creating the clogging problem, and they should be able to figure out how to get the clog removed.

Brenham, TX diy-wet-wipes-2If you have a clog because of wet wipe flushing, then you should know the best thing to do is not to flush the wet wipes. Avoiding clogs is easy enough, especially if you simply take the wet wipes and throw them away. Get a plastic bag, a garbage can, or a trash can, and put the wet wipes within these waste containers.

You can even use a diaper pail if you have one around the home for the baby, so you won’t be leaving wet wipes sitting in the garbage. Your goal is never to flush the wet wipes, ever.

Granted, you may end up getting clogs from hair, toothpaste, soap scum, grease, and other things that go down the drain, but by far, wet wipes will cause the worst clogs that you’ll ever get, compared to anything else that goes down the drain.

If you’re in need of toilet repair because you flush a lot of wet wipes, or you’re considering drain cleaning service to clean out your drains, then call a plumber. A plumber can advise you on which services would be best for your home, especially if you’re experiencing clogs because of wet wipes within your pipes, and a plumber can quickly get your pipes flowing normally again.

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