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Hydro Jetting and Snaking in a Nutshell

Hydro Jetting and Snaking in a Nutshell

Most homeowners will experience a clogged drain or pipe at some point in time. This problem is a nuisance, but it can also cause damage too.

The good news is that this common problem is very easily solved by using a couple of different methods. Most times, the solution will be determined by what is the cause of the problem. Typically, to remove a pesky clog, you’ll turn either to hydro jetting or a plumbing snake.

Hydro jetting is simply the use of a high-pressure water spray that is effective in breaking down and ultimately removing clogs from drains. This tool is often used if clogs are particularly hard to break down. There are a variety of things that can cause a pipe to clog. If your clog is being caused by a tree root intrusion on your exterior piping, hydro jetting will be necessary to disintegrate the roots.

A plumbing snake is a flexible auger which is thin enough to work its way through your pipes and dislodge any clogs. It gets its force from good, old-fashioned elbow grease and is often enough to break through whatever is clogging your pipes. They’re effective because they are sturdy are generally long enough to be able to penetrate your blockage with ease.

Your first line of attack when dealing with a clog is to use a plunger. You move the plunger up and down rapidly, and the suction is often enough to remove the clog in the pipe. If the plunger doesn’t work, then you are well advised to try the plumbing snake next.

You may be able to use a plumbing snake on your own, but having professional help will make the job go faster, as well as minimize the likelihood of damage to your pipes.

If your clog requires hydro jetting, you definitely need to call in professionals that you trust. It’s specialized, technical work that requires specific training and equipment to get the job done right. If you live in an area where there is a lot of silt in the soil, you may want to consider getting your pipes hydro jetted for cleaning purposes on a regular basis. The build-up of silt can cause some serious clogs.

Do you have a stubborn clog? It’s not going to go away on its own. Call Plumb Level in Brenham, TX today to get rid of it once and for all at (979) 200-6674.


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