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Several Ways To Deodorize Your Garbage Disposal

Several Ways To Deodorize Your Garbage Disposal

Deodorizing your garbage disposal is something that’s important, especially if you’ve noticed that it’s beginning to smell. There can be several reasons why the garbage disposal unit will start to smell, and the most common reason is simply because it’s being used on a regular basis.

Another reason why the garbage disposal can smell is because a large piece of food has gotten caught in the unit and cannot go through the blades, so it may sit unnoticed in the unit until it starts to go bad and smell.

Having a rotting piece of food in the garbage disposal can be one of the most unpleasant smells, but removing the piece of food and cleaning the unit should get rid of the smell. Your options for cleaning the garbage disposal unit are numerous, especially when using cleaners that can be found in many stores.

Although using cleaners are an option, their chemical content makes them undesirable for those who want to keep their garbage disposal in the best shape. It’s always a good idea to opt for a natural remedy to deodorize a garbage disposal because it’s easier on the unit, it’s less costly, and you can use the remedy more often.

Choose one of the many natural remedies that are available to you, such as using vinegar, baking soda, rock salt, ice, and citrus fruits, and utilize these methods to freshen up your garbage disposal.

You may also want to consider scrubbing the unit as well, especially since stuck on food can cake itself in and around the unit, causing it to smell bad. Those who don’t want to scrub the unit should add baking soda and vinegar to clean the unit because the fizz caused by this mixture is enough to cleanse the garbage disposal on its own.

The use of citrus fruits, such as lemons, grapefruits, oranges, or limes is not unusual for a garbage disposal, and anyone who has the garbage disposal should choose a citrus fruit as opposed to any other cleansing method. You’ll get not only a clean garbage disposal but also one that smells like a field full of oranges, even if you choose to use a different type of citrus fruit.

You can choose to peel the citrus fruit to throw the peels into the garbage disposal, or cutting apart a whole citrus fruit to put it into the garbage disposal is also acceptable.

Some would prefer not to waste fruit, so they’ll eat the fruit, and throw the leftovers, including the peels into the garbage disposal. Allow the garbage disposal to run while running some water in order to get the citrus fruits to start cleaning the inside of the garbage disposal.

You’ll immediately start to smell that the garbage disposal is getting deodorized, and the smell will last for a while after the citrus fruits have gone down the drain. You can feel free to use citrus fruits anytime in the future to freshen the disposal unit.

garbage-disposal-connectionsHere are five natural remedies to use to clean your garbage disposal unit, so there’s no need to worry about any chemical reactions from these remedies.

Rock Salt With Ice- Using rock salt is much better than using other kinds of salt, which includes sea salt and table salt, but every kind of salt can be used when you’re simply trying to freshen up your garbage disposal. As long as you add ice, you’ll get a better smelling garbage disposal unit.

Baking Soda- Although baking soda doesn’t have the best smell, it can definitely freshen up a garbage disposal and make it a lot cleaner as well as deodorize it.

Vinegar- Using even a little bit of vinegar can drastically change the smell of your garbage disposal unit, especially if you mix it with some warm water, which can help to bring out the smell of the vinegar even more.

Baking Soda And Vinegar- It’s pretty cool how these two substances react to one another. Putting baking soda into the garbage disposal first and then adding the vinegar will create a fizz and allows the two components to bubble up, which creates somewhat of a cleaning or scrubbing sensation along the sides of the garbage disposal, which can get it impeccably clean. Using these two ingredients together to freshen your garbage disposal may mean that you don’t need to scrub the inside of the unit at all.

Citrus Fruits- These tasty fruits are so valuable for a garbage disposal unit, and you’ll love the smell that lingers in the air after you run them through the unit.

garbage-disposalA lot of things can go down a kitchen sink and into the garbage disposal, but people will try to prevent many of these items from going into the unit. There are obvious objects that can’t go into the garbage disposal, such as anything made of metal, large food particles, raw foods, eggshells and more. When you identify which foods shouldn’t go into a garbage disposal, then keep them out of it, especially since it can be damaging to the unit.

Another thing to avoid is oil, which everyone uses and tends to throw down the sink once they are ready to discard it, but this can clog your drains, so discard of your oil in another fashion.

There are places that will buy your leftover oil or allow you to recycle it, so throwing it down the drain isn’t the best choice, especially since it will eventually cost you good money to fix the problems that it causes after it’s dumped. Problems that you have with your garbage disposal unit should be referred to your plumber.

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