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National Diabetes Awareness Month: Taking It Day by Day

National Diabetes Awareness Month: Taking It Day by Day

According to the CDC, over 29 million Americans suffer from diabetes. That is over 9% of the general population. Diabetes is a chronic disease that blocks the body’s ability to produce insulin, a hormone we need to metabolize sugar. This leads to elevated glucose levels in the body. November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. It’s a month dedicated to raising awareness and acknowledging the struggles and victories of those who suffer from diabetes.

In addition to celebrating the month of November as National Diabetes Awareness Month, the entire world acknowledges it with World Diabetes Day.

Taking place on November 14 of each year, World Diabetes Day brings people together through telethons, runs, walks, bike rides, information sessions and more. It’s a great way to show support for the diabetic community and raise awareness for this chronic illness.

Anyone with diabetes will understand that they need to take the illness day by day. As a chronic disease, there is no cure for diabetes, however, there are many things that diabetics can do to manage their illness and make their lives more comfortable and happy with the disease.

Some tips to manage diabetes on a daily basis include:

One of the most important things for a diabetic to find is a strong support system of friends and loved ones.

Having people in your life who support your new lifestyle and are empathetic to your diagnosis will help make life easier. Eating healthy and exercising is more fun when you have others to do it with.

With diabetes, there is a chance of developing some complications; common complications include heart disease, vision loss, nerve damage and more.

The best way to avoid complications from diabetes is to follow your doctor’s orders to the last detail. Even if it means taking medication at a specific time or scheduling meals at specific times, it’s important to follow instructions to avoid complications.

Diabetes is not a death sentence, and many people with diabetes can still live perfectly happy and healthy lives if they manage their illness correctly.

Help us recognize our diabetic friends, employees, and customers this month with National Diabetes Awareness Month. And don’t forget to call Plumb Level in Brenham, TX at (979) 200-6674 the next time you need professional plumbing services.


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