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Comprehensive Fall Organization List for Your Home

Comprehensive Fall Organization List for Your Home

As the days grow shorter, the busy days of the holiday season draw nearer, making fall the perfect time to hit “pause” on your busy life and invest a little time in maintaining your home and getting it organized.

Below are a few of our favorite ways to prepare your home for the change of seasons, and to ensure that you feel comfortable and secure indoors all year around:

Performing maintenance on your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors is a critical step which should never be ignored. These systems keep you safe in the event of a dangerous emergency such as a fire or gas leak, so take the time to thoroughly inspect each alarm in your home.

Test the batteries to see if they are all fully charged and replace the ones which aren’t, and do tests to make sure that they will alert you to any potential issues.

Don’t get stuck looking at grimy windows all winter; spend the time to wash your window panes both inside and out to remove dust, water stains, streaks, and more so that your windows are sparkling and clean.

Once you’ve finished washing all your windows, invest in your home’s heating system by covering each window with a sheet of heavy-duty plastic. The plastic will act as an insulator and will prevent cool air from infiltrating your home when the heat is on.

Your floors see a lot of abuse day-to-day, which is why it’s important to re-assess their status every season and decide if they need to be treated with a repairing agent to keep them shining like new.

In addition to spending the time staining or protecting your floors, instill a strict “no shoes on the hardwood floor” policy and buy felt pads for your furniture in order to avoid further scratching and dents.

Rugs look great and can add a lot of personality to a room, but if they aren’t cleaned regularly they can contribute to clogging your vents and, even worse, can cause you to get sick more often. This is because it’s easy for dust, dander, and bacteria to get caught in the fibers of your rug and then to get stirred up into the air when you step on them.

With this in mind, make sure to thoroughly vacuum every rug in your home to ensure that they are as clean as can be.

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