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Home Guide About Planning For a Healthy New Year

Home Guide About Planning For a Healthy New Year

2017 is here, and that means that it may be time to look at your home and start thinking about doing some preventive maintenance work.

Usually when people think in these terms, they consider paint for the rooms, or getting the furnace and the ducts cleaned out. But we’re here to talk about your plumbing. One of the things that is both great and bad about plumbing is that it can continue to work even when there’s something wrong.

Unless you take the time to inspect and do some occasional preventive maintenance, a small issue that’s easily taken care of now can turn into a huge problem that grinds your household activity to a halt unless you get expensive professional help. Here are a few things you can do to keep this from happening to your plumbing.

This is more an issue of health than any mechanical problem, but depending on where your water comes from, it may be perfectly safe to drink, or may have some potential contagions that can cause health issues.

Getting a water filter installed, however, negates these problems. Filters can be smaller units directly attached to a tap, or they can be larger, more integrated units built into the plumbing of the home. Either way means added safety for your water consumption at home.

It’s not a pleasant activity, but keeping drains clear is important. Bathroom drains can become clogged with hair, while kitchen drains can accumulate food. Leaving this kind of residue clinging to your drains is unsafe. Bacterial colonies can build up that pose a health threat to everyone in the home.
Beyond that, any organic material is fair game for food when it comes to pests. You may be feeding roaches in your home with the food they scavenge from the sink.

Your water heater is essential for warm baths, showers, laundry and dish washing. However, you can help its operational efficiency and lifespan quite a bit with an annual “flushing” that empties out the water.

This prevents sediment from building up which, in a gas heater can actually damage the tank. In electrical heaters, this may cause inefficiencies that make the heater work harder and use more energy to heat your water.

Keeping your water safe and easy to use takes place a number of small, different ways. Clearing your drains of hair is one, but keeping your faucets clean is another. Occasionally remove the actual faucet and check for debris that has caught in its trap from your water supply.

You should also regularly inspect your pipes, and try on an annual basis to examine those pipes you may not normally ever look at, such as those in a crawlspace or attic.

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