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Enhance Your Plumbing System with a Few Small Changes

Enhance Your Plumbing System with a Few Small Changes

How is your plumbing working? Did you know that it probably could be better? The thing with your pipework is that you don't tend to give it a second thought until something goes wrong. That is the wrong approach.

If you are proactive on a regular basis, you will improve the performance of your plumbing system also substantially reducing the need for repairs. It helps your plumbing last longer too, which is a cost-saving measure.

Our expert team of plumbers here in Brenham, TX have put together a list of their best tips and tricks.

Drain Cleaning Before Clogs Happen

Water flowing down a drainTrust us. It is far easier to do maintenance to keep clogs away than to deal with the inconvenience and mess of a clogged drain. To start, keep items that don't belong in your plumbing, out. Food scraps go in the garbage bin or compost, not down your sinks.

Next, arrange to have a professional drain cleaning done on a regular basis. These check-ups will remove any residue that is lingering in your drains and keep blockages from forming.

Adhere to Code

Great for you for taking on DIY plumbing jobs, but make sure that you follow the proper channels, Requirementswhich means double-checking on permits and paperwork, along with workmanship.

This isn't a hassle. It's a way to make sure that you, your home and your work is safe. If you cut this corner, you may be faced with significant expense down the road.

Water Pressure Adjustment

Water pressure meterWhen your water pressure is too high, the strength of the water blasts your plumbing system. Eventually, this force is going to cause your pipes to weaken, break down and leak.

Rather than dealing with these problems, why not lower your water pressure into a safe range? Check your pressure. If it is more than 70 psi, it is way too high. Ideally, if you can set it between 45-60 psi, a safe setting.

Hair Traps

Have you ever had to deal with a plumbing clog caused by hair gathering in the drain? Messy and inconvenient, right? You can keep this from happening altogether by placing a hair trap over the drain, which will grab hair before it gets where it doesn’t belong.

Here is an extra tip on how to keep drains fresh. Pour equal parts vinegar and baking soda down your drains. They combine to freshen drains naturally. Flush generously with hot water.


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