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Your Complete Guide to Plumbing Permits

Your Complete Guide to Plumbing Permits

Plumbing is not one of those things that most home or business owners will have a lot of expertise in. That means that if something goes wrong, or something needs to be changed and/or improved, many people are unlikely to be able to do these jobs themselves and need to seek out the help of an experienced, professional Brenham plumber.

But beyond just having a job done right, there’s also the question of having the job done legally. It doesn’t apply to every single plumbing task in your home or workplace, but in some cases, you may need to get a plumbing permit, before your Brenham plumber can get to work. But why?

What A Plumbing Permit Does

Permit protectionYou should already have some idea of what a plumbing permit is just from the name alone. This is a legal document issued by Brenham that goes over an application to have certain plumbing work done, and grants that legal permission.

In other words, it’s both a document to you and a record in the Brenham city files that notes that a legal request was made to do work according to established municipal code, and the city granted permission to have that work done.

This is essentially both record keeping for Brenham itself and legal protection for you as a home or business owner. In the event of a home inspection, a plumbing permit means that any work done fully justifies the asking price on your property.

If you attempt to get work done without a plumbing permit, and it is later discovered, you may be fined and, depending on the quality of the work, may even have to undo what was previously done! A plumbing permit ensures that all the work you have is proper, legal, verifiable, and reinforces your claims about your property and its characteristics and value.

When To Get A PermitIf not now, when?

Getting an experienced Brenham plumber to do your work also means getting a professional who knows when you do and don’t need to have a plumbing permit in order to have work done. However, as a general rule of thumb, you can safely assume smaller jobs don’t require a permit, while larger ones do.

So, if you’ve got a plugged up drainage pipe, because one of the kids flushed something down the toilet, and you just need it cleared out, you won’t need a permit for this. On the flipside, however, if you’ve decided now is the time to finally add an additional bathroom to a floor of your home, or you’re renovating the current one to put in that luxury tub you always wanted, this will definitely need a permit for all that new plumbing that’s about to go in!

How Much Will It Cost?

How much?Brenham has a pretty straightforward methodology for giving out plumbing permits. There’s a flat fee of $25 for any job that requires a permit, but on top of that, there’s an additional fee that varies widely depending on you need your Brenham plumber to do.

So getting a new fixture added might cost an additional $2, but having a sprinkler fire system installed will cost an additional $35 per floor. Whatever the case is for your Brenham, TX home, always take the time to get the job done right with a professional Brenham plumber. And make sure the job is legally verified with a plumbing permit.


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