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HVAC Energy Saving Myths

HVAC Energy Saving Myths

Everyone wants to save on energy and your HVAC system is one of the biggest appliances that can help or hurt your energy bill. Myths surrounding energy usage are abundant and the internet can be filled with misleading information. Make sure to do your research and always contact the professionals if you have any serious questions or concerns!


Here are two easy myths our HVAC team can bust without any help:

Don’t go to extremes

Sometimes, in order to get the temperature up or down to a comfortable level quickly, we’re tempted to set the temperature to an extreme in an attempt to get our home there more quickly. Unfortunately, this isn’t what happens. You’re more likely to spend more money and waste more energy with this tactic than actually reach your desired temperature faster.


Closing vents won’t save energy

Your HVAC system reads the ductwork, not the rooms. The truth is, closing the vents in rooms can actually add pressure to your ductwork and cause more problems in the long run. Keeping the doors of rooms open or closed (depending on which rooms you prefer more warm or cool air to flow into) can help you control the climate in your home. Alternatively, installing a programmable thermostat will allow you to set the temperatures in your home without having to think twice—and if you forget, just adjust the temperature from your phone!

The HVAC systems of today operate efficiently. Chances are, if you have a modern HVAC system in place, its technology has advanced to the point that it will operate at peak efficiency. Make sure you read the user manual and contact your Brenham area HVAC team with any questions that may come up!


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