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Is Your Plumbing Ready for Movember?

Is Your Plumbing Ready for Movember?

Many guys grow whiskers during Movember. This charity event raises awareness and funds to combat cancer and other men’s health issues. When you finally shave, though, you might end up dealing with a plumbing catastrophe if you’re not careful. Here are some ways to get your babyface back without clogging the drain.


Cut the Length First

Instead of hitting your long beard with a razor, trim it down as much as possible before shaving. You can use sharp scissors or clippers for this step. Make sure that you cover your sink so that your thick beard hairs don’t end up in your pipes.

Don’t Fill the Sink

Do you fill the sink with water so that you can swirl your razor in it to clean it off? All of the hair will flush down the pipes when you pull the drain. Use a small bowl or cup for rinsing instead. Dump it outside when you’re finished.

Keep Lather Out of Your Drains

Shaving products can clog your pipes. If you use a small container to rinse your razor, you prevent all of those clingy suds from blocking your sink.

Cover Your Sink

Even if you don’t fill your sink with water, you’ll probably be standing over it as you shave. You’ll notice a bunch of little hairs in it when you’re done. Although it doesn’t look like much, it can build up if you rinse it down the drain.

Place a moist paper towel over the drain to prevent hair from moving down it. When you’re done, use another damp paper towel to wipe up the stray strands.

Run Hot Water

It will probably take some time to shave off your beard, but you’ll eventually whittle it down. When you’re finished shaving, run plenty of hot water down the drain. This will remove any grime and hair that slipped past your safeguards so that it doesn’t accumulate.

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