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Create a Low-Flow Oasis

Create a Low-Flow Oasis

If you are interested in a bathroom upgrade, it is possible to achieve a modern look and save water. Thanks to the availability of a variety of efficient appliances and fixtures, you can create a low-flow oasis right inside of your home. Due to technological advancements, these items bring a number of benefits without compromising function. At Plumb Level, we are ready to help you take advantage of low-flow products.

Benefits of Installing a Low-Flow Toilet

Your toilet is the one unit in your home that is frequently used and takes a large amount of water to run. A low-flow alternative can bring you a number of benefits.

  • Save Water. Standard toilets hold a great deal of water. Usually, older units require as much as 6 gallons with every flush. Today's low-flow toilets can work efficiently with only 1.6 gallons per flush. This substantially lowers water consumption.

  • Save Money. When a person installs a low-flow toilet, a tremendous amount of water is saved, which has the added benefit of lowering their water bill. By installing a low-flow toilet, the average homeowner may save approximately $100 each year.

  • Save Space. If your bathroom has a small water closet, then a low-flow toilet is the way to go. Since low-flow toilets use less water, they have smaller tanks, which maximizes space and makes them easier to install. It is possible to create an aesthetically pleasing room that isn't crowded and functions well.

Benefits of a Low-Flow Shower Head

Your toilet is the only product in your bathroom causing an increase in your bulls, your showerhead might also be contributing to the problem. Although you may think that a low-flow showerhead will not satisfy your needs for a relaxing shower or will not offer enough water pressure, newer low-flow showerheads have fixed this problem.

  • Save Money. Most people enjoy a calming shower in the morning or at night. The latest technology has led to a multitude of luxury shower heads with different settings that have a low-flow design without sacrificing function. A low-flow showerhead can decrease water usage by at least 40 percent. Besides cutting water bills, this slashes energy bills. Less water to heat makes a home's water heater work less. This puts money back into your pocket.

  • Better for the Environment. When the demand for hot water is decreased, less energy is used, which results in reduced carbon dioxide emissions. This is a major help to the environment.

What is a WaterSense Label?

When you begin your hunt for new low-flow fixtures, narrow down your search by looking for the WaterSense label.

WaterSense products are backed by independent certification from the Environmental Protection Agency. They are proven to use significantly less water than standard fixtures while providing the comforts you know and love. When you select one of these items, you know that you are maintaining function in your bathroom while improving your home’s efficiency. WaterSense products come in a variety of prices and styles to fit into any home and budget.

Work with a Trusted Plumber

At Plumb Level, our goal is always to deliver top-notch plumbing services, whether you’re looking to completely remodel your bathroom, or just make a few adjustments. We will discuss your budget upfront and make sure that everything we do stays within your pricepoint.

Let us help you create and enjoy the bathroom of your dreams. For more information, visit us online or call us today at (979) 200-6674.


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