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How To Handle a Burst Pipe

How To Handle a Burst Pipe

Pipes most commonly rupture during freezing weather conditions, but they can fail at any time. Water expands as it freezes, and this places intense pressure on pipes. When the pressure is too much, a fissure will develop. If the problem is not identified and repaired promptly, water waste can increase your utility bills and damage your property.

Follow these steps carefully to navigate through this stressful situation:

Turn Off the Water Supply

The sight of water gushing into your home can create an immediate sense of panic, and your impulse may be to call the plumber right away. However, while you are on the phone, many gallons of water may continue to stream into your home. Before making the call for repair service, turn off the main water supply to your home.

Drain the Pipes

When the water supply is off, no new water will enter your pipes. However, water that is currently in the pipes can continue to stream through the damaged pipe. Turn on several faucets to drain the water out of the pipes. In the meantime, use a bucket or other container to capture as much water from the leak as possible.

Book Emergency Plumbing Service

After you have taken these steps, you are ready to contact a plumber for an emergency repair service. Your plumber should prioritize your service above other non-emergency services. The right plumbing company will provide after-hours services and will arrive at your home promptly with all of the equipment and supplies required to get the job done immediately.

Dry Out Your Home

While waiting for the plumber to arrive, use towels, a mop or a wet vac to remove as much water as possible. For a significant leak, you may need to contact a water mitigation service provider. Through water mitigation, you can reduce the risk of mold growth and restore your home to its former condition.

Bottom line: Your immediate response to a burst pipe will directly affect the amount of property damage that your home endures. Take quick action and call Plumb Level at (979) 200-6674.


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