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When it comes to the maintenance and repair of your home, plumbing problems are the most serious ones that homeowners can face. Not being able to recognize when you have a plumbing problem can lead to home damage, additional complications, and a great deal of inconvenience later on. For this reason, it is important to be aware of common system trouble so that you can be better prepared for when they occur. Our experienced team at Plumb Level are here to help you by providing you with the answers you need.

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How to Detect Hidden Water Leaks

An undetected water leak can create a slew of problems. The water can damage your home structure, the walls, and floors. Over time, minor leaks also tend to become greater and more pronounced, leaving you with a major issue.

To prevent this from occurring, there are four ways to easily detect if your home has a water leak including:

  • Turning off your water valve and then checking your water meter after an hour. If the meter isn't at zero and is moving, then you have a leak somewhere in your home.
  • Checking your water bill. If it is unusually high, then you can expect that a leak is the cause.
  • Checking for water and water damage at the site. The area where you find water and water damage will be in one that piping is located at.
  • Determining if you have low water pressure. When a leak occurs, water cannot flow properly, leading to a reduction in pressure.

Having Problems with Your Sewer Line?

Your home sewer line is what transfers waste water from your home into the city's main sewer line. Detecting a sewer line problem is luckily fairly easy, enabling you to quickly respond and have a professional resolve the issue.

A few signs of a sewer line problem are:

  • A soggy or displaced yard
  • Your home drains take a long time to drain the water
  • There is gurgling and odor coming from your home drains
  • There is moisture in your basement or beneath your carpeting

Ways to Improve Your Water Heater’s Efficiency

Replacing your home water heater can be a costly endeavor, which is why proper maintenance procedures are important to keep it running properly. To extend the life of your water heater, it is recommended that you turn off your water heater and drain the water to remove any sediment. This will increase its lifespan and increase its efficiency.

Our Burton plumbers also recommend:

  • Covering your water heater during the winter
  • Having the vent system inspected annually
  • Having the anode rod inspected every two years and replaced if needed
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