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Locating Water Leaks

Water leaks are a drain on your expenses. Detecting leaks presents some challenges, but there are a few simple tasks that can help you.

These tasks include:

  • Check the pressure relief valve on your water heater tank: You can do this by removing the heater from the drain pipe and checking for a leak. If this is not possible, listen for a hissing sound coming from the water heater.
  • Watch the water meter: The water meter has a leak indicator. It is usually a triangular red or silver round disk. If the indicator is spinning, you have a leak. If the indicator is not spinning, you can further test for a slow leak. Just shut off the water in your house (or make sure none is used) and wait ten minutes. If the meter moves, then you have a slow leak.
  • Check the toilets: These are some of the worst offenders when it comes to leaks. Take the top off the toilet tank and listen for a hissing sound. If you have a hissing sound, you have a leak. A plumber should be able to easily diagnose and fix the problem causing the leak.
  • Look for water stains on the ceiling or floors: These can indicate serious problems. Call our New Ulm plumbers right away if you see leaks on your ceiling or floors, as they can lead to serious, costly damage.

Signs of Sewer Line Trouble

Sewer line issues should be rectified quickly to prevent sewage back-ups, persistent foul odors, and clogged drains in your home or commercial place.

Signs that you have a sewer line problem include:

  • Water around the floor drain: This means you need to have your sewer line checked out right away.
  • Water backing up out of the drain: This is an emergency situation. It will only get worse, and if not corrected right away you may find yourself bailing sewer water out of your kitchen sink.
  • Gurgling sounds from the drain: This is a warning sign that should not be ignored. The gurgling is usually followed by back up.
  • A percolating noise from your toilet, especially after you use the washing machine: This indicates a sewer line problem.

What Can You Do to Improve Your Water Heater’s Efficiency?

Extending the life of your water heater can save you big money. While our New Ulm plumbers are available for water heater maintenance, there are also some steps you can take to help your water heater remain efficient.

Here are four things you can do:

  • Set your unit between 120 and 125 degrees.
  • Keep a pan under the drain line to detect leaks.
  • Periodically check for leaks and pinhole rusting on the exterior of the tank.
  • Drain the tank once a year to clear sediment. You can do this by attaching a hose to the drain valve. We can also perform this task for you.

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