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Brenham Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation Services

Reliable Services for an Important Kitchen Appliance

Cleaning up after dinner without a garbage disposal can be a pain. If you are having a problem with your disposal, the food items that fail to shred can end up clogging your kitchen sink. Contact Plumb Level to have your disposal professionally repaired or replaced.

Our plumbing team is highly experienced and trained to get your disposal back on track. Just take a look at what your neighbors and friends are saying about us in our customer reviews. You may also click the link to access our latest plumbing coupons and discounts.

Get your garbage disposal fixed and avoid clogged drains! Call (979) 277-9993 for help from your Brenham garbage disposal installation and repair experts.

Common Garbage Disposal Problems

We rely on our garbage disposals on a daily basis and sometimes, even more. Just like any other mechanical equipment, it is susceptible to common wear and tear and may need repairs once in a while.

Here are the most common garbage disposal issues we encounter:

  • The unit will not turn on: Causes include lack of power and motor failure.
  • There is a jam: A garbage disposal is built to handle a large variety of food items, but not all. Forcing larger items, or difficult to shred items, down the disposal can cause a jam and lead the motor to overheat.
  • The disposal is leaking: This can occur at the drain connections, rings, seals, and the body of the disposal itself.
  • There are unusual sounds: This often means one of two things: solid glass, metal, or plastic is working through the disposal, or screws or bearings have become loose.
  • There is a drain clog: Hopefully, your disposal breaks food up enough that clogs can be avoided, but sometimes a clog can form right below the disposal if your unit is not working properly.

Our expert plumbers are available for any of your repairs needs. We can also help you in case there is a clog in your kitchen sink.

Repairing vs. Replacing Your Unit

Before you replace your disposal, steps should be taken to make sure it cannot simply be repaired. If the unit is not turning on, make sure it is still plugged in and check your circuit breaker to ensure power is still going to the disposal; then, try hitting the reset button on the disposal.

If that does not work, try to dislodge any debris that may have become stuck in the disposal. If you have tried these without success, it may be time to replace the unit.

How Can You Avoid Problems in the Future?

If you want to reduce the occurrence of garbage disposal problems, make sure to have your drains cleaned regularly. This gets rid of any debris buildup and prevents clogs from forming.

You can also contact Plumb Level for professional inspection and maintenance. We will take a look at the disposal to make sure everything looks healthy. Our video monitoring equipment provides us a clearer look at the inside of the pipe system and identifies any potential problems. If something is spotted, we can fix it right away. You can expect 100% satisfaction guaranteed and technicians who take care to keep your home clean after each project.

Leave your garbage disposal problems to us. Call us at (979) 277-9993 and we will get to work with the right solution.