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Brenham Clogged Toilet Repair Services

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Tired of your toilet getting clogged? Contact your local clogged toilet repair experts at Plumb Level. We will get to the source of the problem and remove the blockage completely.

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Is your toilet clogged again? Tried every home remedy? It's time for professional help. Call (979) 277-9993 for reliable toilet plumbing in Brenham.

What Causes Toilet Clogs?

Aside from inappropriate items getting flushed, other causes of clogging include flushing too much toilet paper and blockages or damage in your sewer line.

For minor clogs, such as debris or other items getting stuck in your pipes, we will use an auger to remove the blockage. This auger will pull the offending material out of the toilet instead of pushing it farther into the pipe system.

A clog can occur at the top of the up-curving trap. This is part of the toilet fixture. You may have to plunge for about half an hour before the water pressure generated by the plunger removes the clog. Or you can contact your local Brenham plumbing experts at Plumb Level and we will quickly remove the clog for you and make sure your drain system is not in danger of any more clogging problems.

Noticing phantom flushing? A phantom flush is a minor problem that is often the result of:

  • Foreign objects in the drain
  • Worn or damaged parts
  • Mineral build-up
  • What can you do to prevent further problems?
  • Toilet clogs can damage your flooring and your greater plumbing system.

Here are some easy maintenance tips on how to prevent clogs:

  • Be mindful of what gets flushed down the toilet
  • Keep your toilet tank clear
  • Address slow drains as quickly as possible
  • Have your plumbing pipes inspected annually

Get long-term clogged toilet solutions with a quick call to Plumb Level at (979) 277-9993. We will get to the source of what’s blocking your toilet drain and make sure the problem does not recur.