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Nothing can be more frustrating than turning on the shower to discover that you only have ice-cold water and are unable to enjoy a hot shower.

When you have a water heater problem, the issue can be extremely inconvenient. The problem will not fix itself, and you should consult with us at Plumb Level to diagnose the cause of your water heater problem. From there, we can determine how to repair it.

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Is your water heater leaking? Call (979) 277-9993 and your local Brenham water heater experts will let you know if you should repair it.

What Is Causing Your Water Heater Problem?

There are several common causes of water heater problems every homeowner should know. Taking immediate action by calling us can help you avoid serious issues down the road.

Some of the most common water heater problems we encounter include:

  • Faulty gas pilot valve: If you have a gas water heater that is not functioning properly, you may have an issue with the gas pilot control valve. The valve may need to be replaced and our experienced plumbers can assist you with safe replacements.
  • Faulty thermostat: With an electric water heater, you may encounter a faulty thermostat that will need to be replaced.
  • Overheating due to a leak: In some cases, your water heater may be leaking and create an overheating problem in the process. There could be a hole in the tank due to rust. If this is the case, you will need to replace your water heater.
  • Sediment buildup: Your water heater may also have sediment built up, requiring removal. We provide a tank flushing service on an annual basis to ensure the efficiency of your entire unit.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Water Heater?

Is your water heater exhibiting frequent problems? Is it also near the end of its lifespan? A new unit may be the most cost-effective option. You will also need to replace the unit if you are facing a significant problem, such as a rupture in the tank.

A repair is ideal if your unit is still new. In this case, the problem is often able to be fixed without hassle. Our technicians can inspect your unit and determine which course of action is best for you. Contact our Brenham water heater repair technicians for an inspection.

If you need to replace your water heater, contact a licensed company to do the job. Our team at Plumb Level will make sure your unit is installed according to all local code and safety regulations. We proudly serve Brenham and the surrounding areas.

Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Water Heater Repairs to a Handyperson

Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Water Heater Repairs to a Handyperson

Repairing a water heater can be a difficult process, especially if you don’t understand them. Many people who try to DIY their repair—or rely on a handyman to fix a water heater in La Grange—find themselves guessing at the cause of the problem. This wastes both money and time. Though more expensive, hiring a water heater expert means less time grasping at straws and more time enjoying what you love most. It also allows you to rest easy knowing a professional is on the case.

Leaving your water heater repair to a company like ours means you get warrantied, insured work. Through this, you get coverage for early system failure and won’t have to pay for extra labor during the warranty period. Because we’re experts, we also approach your unit with the respect it deserves. Safety, for us, comes before all else.

Let a professional handle your next water heater service in La Grange. In the long-run, it’s the better option for you, your wallet, and your peace of mind. To schedule with us, give (979) 277-9993 a jingle or fill out our contact form.

Call Plumb Level for Water Heater Repair in Bellville or La Grange

Call Plumb Level for Water Heater Repair in Bellville or La Grange

Plumb Level repairs all types and brands of water heaters in La Grange. It doesn’t matter if you have a solar powered one, a tankless one, or one from an obscure manufacturer. Our plumbing experts can quickly diagnose the issue and put an end to the cold showers. If it’s an emergency, just call (979) 277-9993 to get our next available appointment.

When you rely on us for water heater service, you can rest easy knowing you’ll get the advice best suited to you and your family. If that means repairing the unit, our La Grange plumbers carry the parts needed for the most common repairs. For instances where water heater replacement is the best or only answer, we’ll help you determine the model right for your family and do our best to make the installation process a painless one.

Get the hot water you need by reparing your exisiting one. Call at (979) 277-9993 or contact our Brenham plumbing company online to get started.