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Same-Day Brenham Water Softener Installaion

Water Treatment for Pure, Clean Water

Water softening involves removing hard minerals like magnesium from untreated hard water, which can cause problems with everyday chores such as washing the dishes or laundry.

From leaving sediments and mineral buildup in your water appliances to causing your skin and hair to dry out, these are just some of the issues you can expect from hard water.

Fortunately, your local Brenham water softener professionals at Plumb Level can help you install a system to alleviate these problems. Contact us today for immediate service. See what your neighbors are saying about us in our customer reviews.

Looking for ways to combat hard water? Contact us online or call (979) 277-9993 to install your new water softener system. Click here to access our latest online coupons and discounts.

Benefits of Water Softeners

The minerals in hard water do not react well with soap. A water softener is an easy solution to a hard water problem.

Some of the many benefits of water softeners include:

  • Longer-lasting appliances
  • Softer and brighter clothes
  • Less buildup of soap scum on shower heads or shower walls
  • Cleaner dishes
  • Smoother hair and skin

Where to Install Your Water Softener

The Brenham water treatment specialists at Plumb Level can help you find a suitable place for your water softener to be installed. It needs to be set up in an area that allows the softened water into the home, but not to any outside hoses or faucets. When considering the location, we will find a nearby pipe or utility sink for easy drainage.

Water Softener System Maintenance

Water softeners require salt combined with resin beads to remove minerals from the water flowing into the home. The resin beads become ineffective without the salt, requiring you to regularly add salt to the unit. The salt type varies by unit, either granular, block, or tablet.

Every few months, the system will need to be checked to keep the brine tank from building up sediment. In some cases, a salt bridge will form between the resin beads and the water in the tank. This will stop the beads from treating the water properly.

Once a salt bridge forms, it needs to be broken; this also means the system will have to be cleaned soon. Every three or four months, check for bridges; every six months to a year, the entire system will need to be completely cleaned.

Don’t let hard water make you dread your chores even more. Contact us online or call us today at (979) 277-9993 to learn about water softening options. Enjoy cleaner water for cooking, washing, and drinking.