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Brenham Burst Pipe Repair Services

Prompt Response to Burst Pipe Emergencies

If your water pipe bursts, you could face a significant amount of damage. Pipes often burst during freezing weather. Your experts at Plumb Level will help you with this emergency and keep your home from potential flooding.

We are available to residents throughout Brenham and surrounding areas to handle emergency plumbing services. See what your neighbors are saying about our services here.

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Burst Pipe Repair Process

Before starting the repair process, we will make sure your main water valve is turned off. An emergency repair can be made with a length of hose if the pipe is not under pressure.

There are several repair options when it comes to burst pipes such as:

  • We can set up lead to copper compression fittings. These fittings are used to attach the lead pipe to the plastic or copper pipe.
  • We can use a lead-loc fitting for lead piping. It is similar to a compression fitting. The other end of the fitting can be connected to the copper or plastic pipe. The old lead pipe can be reconnected to the fitting as well.

Causes of Burst Pipes

When temperatures dip below freezing, the pressure of water freezing and then thawing in your pipes can cause them to burst. Since water expands as it freezes and turns into ice, substantial pressure is placed on the inner walls of the pipe, leading to ruptures.

If you have not taken the proper steps to winterize your plumbing, you may encounter this problem. Any flowing water in exposed pipes can still freeze and end up bursting. In addition, significant pressure can be put on your pipes if there is a clog. This can also lead to bursting. Fortunately, you can avoid this problem with regular maintenance.

How Can You Prevent This Problem?

Consider installing the proper insulation to protect any exposed pipes. Check to make sure both cold and hot water pipes are insulated.

Some materials you can use for insulation include:

  • A pipe sleeve
  • UL-listed heat cable
  • UL-listed heat tape

Any water remaining in the pipe can expand without bursting the pipe so you should keep your outside valves open. It is also a good idea to open outside hose bibs and allow water to drain.

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