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Brenham Slab Leak Repair Services

Locating Hidden Leaks Quickly

Have a puddle in your yard? Notice damaged foundation? You may have a slab leak. Contact Plumb Level right away for professional solutions. Our professional plumbing team has the equipment and experience necessary to quickly and accurately locate hidden leaks.

Utilizing minimally invasive methods, we can ensure as little damage and interruption as possible. See what your neighbors are saying about us in our customer reviews.

Call (979) 277-9993 for immediate help from your local Brenham slab leak repair experts. Click here to access our latest online coupons and discounts.

What Causes Slab Leaks?

A slab leak can be the result of poor plumbing installation, as well as poor materials. Unfortunately, not all pipes and materials are equal. While the more inexpensive materials may have saved the contractor and homeowner money, it will come back to cost the homeowner in repairs. In other cases, the foundation may shift and move due to environmental factors.

Although slab leaks are difficult to find, here are three signs that a slab leak may be occurring:

  • You hear running water, even when there is no water on at all
  • Your water bill suddenly increases
  • You notice damp spots in your floor
  • There is sudden mildew growth in one part of your home

Common Sources of Leaks

Leaking is often found under the slab itself. A portion of this slab will need to be removed for us to get started on repairing the problem. Rest assured that we will strive to reduce the damage to your yard. In the unforeseeable event that we need to dig extensively, our professional team will get this fixed for you after and restore everything back to normal.

What Happens if You Don’t Fix a Slab Leak?

An unrepaired slab leak can lead to mold and foul odors that spread throughout your home. In addition, A leak can spread under the floors of your home and into your dry well. Finally, leaks that stem from your home's sewer line can lead to your house smelling like sewage.

Call us today at (979) 277-9993 for professional slab leak repair in Brenham. We guarantee your problem will be solved the first time.