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Upgrade Your Kitchen & Bathroom Fixtures

At Plumb Level, we now have a variety of faucets and fixtures to choose from. Some can be activated by the wave of a hand, others by a pedal. Some faucets can be converted into aerators.

Time to change your older models for more efficient ones? Your Brenham faucet, fixture, and sink experts will help you choose and install the right unit for you.

Get professional-grade faucet, fixture, and sink installations. Call (979) 277-9993 for help from Plumb Level. Click here to access our latest online coupons and discounts.

Types of Faucets You Can Choose from

Compression faucets work on the principle of compression. They feature different controls for hot and cold water. If you turn the handle to the off position, a threaded stem turns and a washer at the bottom is compressed into a seat that shuts off the water.

Compression faucets have a tendency to leak, but they are the easiest to fix. We can easily repair any leaks using the basic O-ring, screwdriver, wrench, or a faucet seat grinder.

With non-compression faucets, on the other hand, both the hot and cold water are controlled by one lever. In general, they don't share the compression faucet's tendency to leak. Since the disks found in disk faucets are made out of ceramic, they will not wear out for a long time.

The non-compression faucet has three types:

  • Disk faucet: This has a mixing chamber where the flow and the temperature of the water are controlled. At the bottom, two disks rise, lower, and rotate to control the flow and temperature.
  • Rotating ball faucet: This has a ball inside with openings that align themselves with the spout and the hot and cold water inlets. The lever controls the flow and the temperature.
  • Sleeve cartridge faucet: The temperature and flow of the water are controlled by moving the handle from one side to the other. It works like a disk faucet but uses a sleeve and cartridge system. Along with the rotating ball faucet, sleeve cartridge units are known for their longevity.

Having Trouble with Your Fixtures?

Aside from faucets, kitchen sinks can also be fitted with aerators and spray hoses. These make cleaning the sink easier by mixing air and water together. Aerators also allow dishwashing detergent to foam up and reduce the amount of water used. This is why some municipalities require that kitchen sinks come with aerators.

Other sink fixtures we can help you install include hot and cold water dispensers, built-in soap dispensers, water treatment systems, and garbage disposals.

Learn more about fixing and maintaining your fixtures and faucets, check out our Faucets and Fixtures FAQ.

Selecting the Right Materials

Sink fixtures can come in a variety of materials. The most popular are chrome, brass, and baked-on enamel.

Take a look at the different features of each:

  • Chrome is a steel and nickel alloy and is very durable. It can come in a brilliantly polished finish, a matte finish, or a brushed finish.
  • Brass is ideal for more traditional-looking faucets and can also be highly polished, antiqued, or satin.
  • A faucet with an epoxy coating is easy to clean and can come in beautiful colors to match your kitchen's decor.

Let us help you choose the right faucet and sink fixtures for your kitchen or bath. If you are moving into a brand new home or renovating your existing one and need professional faucet, fixture, or sink services in Brenham, contact us today for quality plumbing services you can trust.

Call us at (979) 277-9993. We will be in your area with fully-stocked trucks ready to repair or replace your units so you can fully enjoy your kitchen or bath.